Saturday, March 13, 2004

A French intelligence report on the Dutch Navy

I hope that my webmaster will be able to put some of my research results where I analyzed some French intelligence reports that Prof. Jan Glete passed on to me. They were referenced in Prof. Glete's book, Navies and Nations: Warships, Navies and State Building in Europe and America, 1500-1860 (1993).

The reports, not that surprisingly, use French names for Dutch ships. In some cases, the Dutch name is fairly obvious. In other cases, by translating the French name to English (and then to Dutch), I could associate the correct ship. In other cases, I have not been able to tell what ship was meant.

French nameAdmiraltyGunsLengthBeam
Les armes de Cergant?4013032
Les armes de dergau????
Les armes de Leuarden?5014838
Les armes de ZelandéNQ60??
les armes de ZĂ©landyNQ30??
Le Chesne?5514037
L'oiseau de mer?4012029
La SigongneA72??
La Soy?5015040
La ville de groenwijk?4012030.5

If anyone ever reads this, and has an idea what some of these ships were, I would welcome the input.

What is great about these documents, is that they supply information about Dutch ships, which researchers have not been able to find in the Netherlands.

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