Monday, November 10, 2003

Ship Drawings

Tonight, I am working on English ship drawings. Again, the purpose is to use them for laying out battles, to gain a better understanding.

I have a template for ships like the Garland, Bonaventure, and Leopard (the Jacobean and Carolean Middling ships). The Garland was captured by the Dutch at the Battle of Dungeness (30 Nov 1652), while the Bonaventure blew up at the Battle of Leghorn (4 March 1653). The Dutch used the Garland, renamed Rosenkrans, at the Battle of the Gabbard (2 and 3 June 1653) and at the Battle of Scheveningen (Ter Heide-31 July 1653). The Rosenkrans was retaken by the English and burnt, at Scheveningen.

The Rosenkrans was armed with 20-18pdr and 22-12pdr guns. Her captain was Jan de Haes, who was captured by the English at Scheveningen. The Rosenkrans belonged to the Rotterdam Admiralty (the Admiralty of the Maas or Maze).

The armament is given in note 4) on p.58 of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen , by Dr. Johan E. Elias, Vol. V, 1928.

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