Sunday, November 09, 2003

Current Work

I'm currently working on a set of drawings that are intended to be reduced to 100 feet per inch. The drawings that I am currently doing are at 25 feet per inch. The drawings are profile drawings for use as "game pieces" (so to speak). I compose 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheets that are printed on index (110 lb) stock. I cut them out and fold in half to make a "tent". The ship's bow is to the left and there is text on the back.

The purpose is to be able to lay out, on the floor, the ships involved in a battle. My current focus is on the First Anglo-Dutch War. I have lost interest in actually using these for wargaming. I find that using a sailing naval war computer simulation is more interesting. Alex, who is Russian, suggested the Age of Sail II-derived software called "Privateer's Bounty". I have been able to handle a fleet up to 42 ships, so far (on a PC with a 1.4GHz processor with a GB of RAM).

I will be posting information that I have found from archival sources in the Netherlands. I am also indebted to Prof. Jan Glete, in Stockholm, for his kind help.

I am currently looking for someone in the Netherlands who would be willing to do some research for me (a little bit at a time).

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-- Jim Bender

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