Sunday, November 23, 2003

Gerrit van Lummen's ship

I have not seen this in any published source, but from multiple documents from the "Directies ter Equipering van Oorlogschepen, 1631-1657", we have detailed information about what ship Gerrit van Lummen commanded.

From an undated document that mirrors what was published in the First Dutch War, Vol. I for the Amstedam Directors, I first knew what ship he commanded.

His ship was the Neptunis (the archaic spelling). His lieutenant, at that time, was Jan Danielsz. van Luijck.

The dimensions for the Neptunis are:

Length:138 feet
Beam:32 feet
Hold:13 feet
Height between decks:7 feet

(this is from a document from 12 March 1652).

The armament was 34 guns:

4-24pdr brass belonging to the State 12-12pdr 6-8pdr 6-6pdr 4-4pdr 4-3pdr (this totals 36 guns and is from a document from a document dated 8 November 1652--National Archives 1.03.02 Inv. nr. 8)

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