Sunday, November 23, 2003

Drawing ships I am back to drawing ships for use as "pieces". Right now, I am working on a 136-foot Dutch ship drawing. I finally finished my Brederode drawing and drawings for the East Indiamen, Prins Willem and Vogelstruis. The Prins Willem belonged to the Middelburg Chamber of the VOC, while the Vogelstruis belonged to the Amsterdam Chamber. The Prins Willem dimensions are: Length: 170 feet Beam: 38 feet Hold: 18 feet The ship carried 40 guns at the Battle of the Kentish Knock. This is my best estimate: 4-24pdr 20-18pdr 10-12pdr 6-8pdr This is derived from what Herman Ketting published in his book about the Prins Willem. The 76-gun ship, the Oranje, Bastiaan Centen's ship at the Battle of Lowestoft, was of similar dimensions. The Vogelstruis was a smaller ship, as Amsterdam concerned about getting ships over Pampus, the sandbars that had to be crossed. These are my estimates: Length: 160 feet Beam: 38 feet Hold: 18 feet

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