Sunday, November 16, 2003

The Hoop I got excited when I saw the reference (again) to the Dutch captain Dirck Pater and the ship, the Hoop. The reference is on page 363, Vol.V, of The First Dutch War. After the Battle of Scheveningen, ship, the Hoop, commmanded by Dirck Pater, had two dead and three wounded. I have been looking for information about ships named Hoop, from Amsterdam. The only problem is that the ship commanded by Dirck Pater was the Blauwen Arent. The Blauwen Arent was an Amsterdam Directors' ship. Length: 127 feet Beam: 28-1/2 feet Hold: 12-1/4 feet Height between decks: 6 feet-10 inches In early 1652, Dirck Pater's lieutenant was Hendrick Hendricksz. Hon. The Blauwen Arent carried 28 guns: 4-brass 18pdr belonging to the State 8-12pdr 8-8pdr 6-6pdr 2-3pdr In early November, 1652, the crew consisted of 105 men.

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