Friday, November 14, 2003

A Question

I have conflicting data about several captains and their ships. One is that regarding Claes Janszoon Sanger.

Claes Jansz. Sanger and the West Cappelle

Claes Jansz. Sanger commanded the Zeeland Admiralty ship, the West Cappelle. in August 1653, he was part of Michiel De Ruyter's fleet, engaged in convoying duties in the Channel. There is one list that calls his ship, the "Galjas van Middelburg".

Captain Sanger and his ship fought through the war, until the Battle of Scheveningen. Quite clearly, he was an English captive at the end of the battle. As a matter of policy, the English burnt any ships they captured in this battle.

Yet, in the "Staet van Oorlog te Water voor den jaare 1654", Captain Sanger and his ship are listed. As late as the Battle of Lowestoft, in 1665, a ship named West Cappelle was present.

I guess the most likely scenario is that the 1654 list is mistaken, and the West Cappelle of 1665 is a new ship. I would welcome input on this question.

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