Wednesday, November 12, 2003

De Zeven Provinciën

This is an exercise I did in response to an inquiry about the crew for the Zeven Provinciën. I know that on June 7, 1673, the ship had a crew of 530 men. Of those, 492 were sailors and 38 were soldiers. (The reference is: p.785, from Het Leven en Bedrijf van den heere Michiel de Ruyter, by Gerard Brandt, published in 1687, at Amsterdam. I have a facsimile copy. The title means: "The Life and Actions of the lord Michiel De Ruyter" (pronounced like it was De-Rowter) My best guess about the crew is:
Gun crews258
To carry powder for all guns23
To fill and hand powder for all guns10
Surgeon and men hold7
Carpenter and his men5
Purser and his men:3
Men for the small shot:74
Men to stand by the sails:80
Men for the boats and tops:32
I would welcome better information, and a source for Dutch crew composition.

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