Sunday, November 09, 2003

By the way... (Updated)

In case it wasn't obvious, the ship information that I posted is Dutch. The information is part of Drs. Rick van Velden, and the staff at the Nationaal Archief, in Den Haag, found for me.

Most of the Directors ship information that I have is about ships belonging to the Amsterdam Directors.

From Prof. Glete's notes, I also have dimensions for the St. Jeronimus, which belonged to the Medemblick Directors (in the Noorder-Kwartier).

I believe that her captain was Jan Pieterszoon Eenarm.

In early 1652, the St. Jeronimus carried 30 guns and a crew of 110 men.

The dimensions are:
(Dutch-style, with "width" instead of beam and
"hold" instead of "depth")
Length:116 feet
Width:28 feet
Hold:11 feet

In November, 1652, the St. Jeronimus was paid off, as the crew refused to go to sea in her, due to her poor state of repair.

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