Sunday, March 12, 2006

A tidbit from a document dated 18 March 1652

The ship Kroon Imperiaal,hired by the Amsterdam Directors in 1652 was a stalwart in battle until her loss at the Battle of Portland in 1653. I have previously published the usual data about her, but there are a few nuggets left from this document dated 18 March 1652. This is from the archive "Directies ter Equipering van Oorlogsschepen 1631-1657" at the Nationaal Archief in the Hague. This is from the listing for the Kroon Imperiaal (Croon Imperiael) with my translation of what I can read, slightly annotated to make sense:
Ship the Croon Imperiael of Mr. Coimans
Arrived in the Texel on 24 March 1652

130ft   length
 30ft   beam
 12-1/2 hold
  7ft   height between decks

Guns in a side note:
 2 24pdr brass of the state
16 12pdr of which 10 are brass
12  6pdr of which 2 are brass
 2  3pdr

The guns:
6 of 12lb iron
2    12lb brass
2    12lb brass
4 pieces 1/2 cartouwen
4 iron 12lb 
2 brass 12lb
2 brass 6lb
12 of 6lb iron
4 of 4lb found with the ship

38 pieces total

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