Saturday, March 18, 2006

More thoughts on Jacob Claeszoon Boet's ship

I am compiling a complete list of the Dutch and English captains about whom I have written, and I saw, again, a note that I had written about the identity of Jacob Claeszoon Boet's ship:
Dr. Ballhausen read Jodocus Hondius's book Onstelde-Zee, Oft Zee-Daden (1654) Dr. Ballhausen cites page 82 from that book as the reference for Jacob Claeszoon Boet's ship being the Leeuwin (32 guns and a crew of 115 men). The Leeuwin was a Monnikendam Directors's ship carrying 4-brass and 28-iron guns. If this is correct, then the ship at the Battle of Portland was not the Zeeland Director's ship, but this one. My list lists Jacob Claeszoon Boet's ship, with reservations, as being the Leeuwin.
It still is true that Claes Janszoon's ship, the Leeuwin, was at the Battle of Portland, as he is mentioned as returning home with the 17 Zeeland ships after Portland. Sources:
  1. C. T. Atkinson, Ed., The First Dutch War, Vol.IV, 1910.
  2. Dr. Carl Ballhausen, Der Erste Englisch-Höllandische Seekrieg 1652-1654, 1923.
  3. Jodocus Hondius, Onstelde-Zee, Oft Zee-Daden, 1654.

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