Friday, March 10, 2006

List of Rotterdam ships from 1629

This is a list of Rotterdam ships in service in 1629, based on my reading and translation of a document from the Nationaal Archief:
 1. the Neptunis
 2. the Dolphijn
 3. the Orangieboom
 4. the Ewer
 5. the Groene Draeck
 6. Eendracht
 7. the Leeuwinne, attacked
 8. the jacht the Swarten Arent
 9. the ship Gelderlant, of about 180 lasts, is 
     on the last of October 1629, under 
     Captain Cornelis Engelen Silvergieter, 
     is sunk, on the land inspected ?
10. the Swarten Leeuw
11. the old Abraham
12. the Vliegende Arent
13. the Wassende Maen
14. Salamander attacked
15. the Bruijnvisch attacked
16. Cleyne Neptunis
17. St. Anthonis is on 5 September 1629 of 
                    60 lasts inspected
18. Zeecalf
19. the Cleyne Orangieboom
20. Zeeridder, under Captain Cornelis Roemer, 
           of 180 lasts on 3 November 1629 
           (the rest is not readable for me)
21. the Leeuw, attacked
22. the Jonas
23. the Tonijn
24. the Prins Hendrick, attacked (aangevocht?)
25. the Sonne (Zon) attacked
26. the Grasmaijer, attacked

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