Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dutch Naval Officer: Hiddes Sjoerd de Vries

Hiddes Sjoerd de Vries served the Admiralty of Friesland. He was born at Sexbierum on 22 December 1645 and died on the North Sea on 1 July 1694. He was appointed as a kapitein-ter-zee in 1683. He was promoted to Schout-bij-Nacht on 26 March 1692. He commanded a squadron off Dunkirk that consisted of 3 ships of 50-54 guns, 2 of 44-46 guns, 2 of 34 guns, 3 of 26-28 guns, 2 of 18 guns, and 2 of 8 and 12 guns. He apparently flew his flag on the Prinse Friso (58 guns). In a fight with French privateers near Dunkirk on 1 July 1694, he was shot in the breast and killed. Sources:
  1. Luc Eekhout, Het Admiralenboek: De Vlagofficieren van de Nederlandse marine 1382-1991, 1992.
  2. J. C. De Jonge, Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen, Vol.III, 1860.

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