Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Monnikendam, by July 1654

I imagine that the Monnikendam carried the same armament in July 1654 as she did in 1653 after being uparmed. Her lower tier was mixed, with 8-18pdr, 10-12pdr, and probably 2-10pdr, possibly able to be used as bow chasers. She seems to have had 10-6pdr and 6-4pdr on the upper tier. The heavier guns were probably aft of the unarmed waist, with the 6-4pdrs forward of the waist. The 2-3pdrs were probably mounted on the quarterdeck or poop. With 18pdrs, the Monnikendam gave Pieter Florissen a better chance when fighting English 3rd and 4th Rates that were also armed with 18pdr culverins on the lower tier. The English 4th Rates usually had 9pdr demi-culverins on the upper tier. We really know very little about the armaments of English ships in the First Anglo-Dutch War. The armaments after the Restoration are better documented, compared to almost no information from the Commonwealth years.

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