Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tromp's fleet off Dunkirk on 19 April 1646

In Dr. M. G. De Boer's book Tromp en de Duinkerkers (1949), there is a list of captains in his fleet, with their affiliations. The list leaves something to be desired, but it is better than nothing. I don't have too much faith in some of my interpretations. I would welcome a better translation to English than I have been able to make:
separated to Gelderland:  Captain Codde
Half Gelderland, half Drenthe:  Captain Maerten Schaeff
  These both to Amsterdam sacked

Holland, Rotterdam: the ship Aemelia, the previous 
  memorandum reflects the current situation of the ship

 Vice-Admiral Witte de With
 Captain Willem Coulster
 Captain Job Forant
   These three ships have the 2nd of these selected;
     the fifth ship remains defective

Holland, Amsterdam:  the Schout-bij-Nacht Cats
   Captain Cornelis Toelast. These two lay in the Texel 
    crowned with ice aloft
   Captain Jacob Paulussen Cort. This ship lays at Amsterdam.
   Captain Matthijs Gilliszoon. He has apparently sailed 
     on the 15th for the Wielingen after the 
       Vice-Admiral De With gave way. 
   Captain Barent Cramer with his rowjacht, lies at 
      Amsterdam at the end of his service.
   Captain Govert Voorns. In November, the Admiralty 
     had requested a subsidy to pay for building 
     a new ship in its place.

Holland, the Noorderkwartier, of Hoorn: Captain Jan Gijsen.
   Cpatain Willem Claeszoon Ham.

Enkhuizen: Captain Lieven de Zeeuw.
   Captain Paulus Coole.
   Captain Jan Backer. These five are one fifth 
     of the Holland crew, laying cashiered (paid off?) 
     and remain with defects 

of Zeeland:  Commandeur Joost Bankert
   Captain Frans Janszoon
   Ship of Captain Ringelszoon. There three 
      capital ships went to the Brazil in the service 
      of the West-Indies Company. They sailed and 
      are apparently still being maintained by 
      the company.
   The frigate of Captain Swart.
   The frigate of Captain Regermorter. On the 15th, 
      these two should be ready for 10 weeks at sea.

Utrecht: These two ships have several years of defects, 
    and apparently still are defective.

Friesland: Captain Bouckhorst
   Captain Hendrik Janszoon Camp.
   Captain Joris Pieterszoon Broeck.
     All should know that repairs of these three 
       ships have commenced.
   Captain Van der Parre.
   This new ship lays at Rotterdam for years and rots.
   Captain Tjaert de Groot.
   (there is another sentence of which I cannot make 
       into a reasonable sentence:
     Hier is tot Harlingen een nieuw holl voor 
      gemaeckt, dan of nu in zee gebracht sal werden, 
         is ons noch onbewust.)

Overijssel:  Captain Dirk Crijnszoon Verveen.
       This ship lies paid off at Schiedam. The 
          General's frigate commanded by Jan Aerts Verhaeff, 
          lies rotting at Rotterdam.

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