Sunday, November 06, 2005

Does anyone know about Huybrecht van der Zaan?

Huybrecht van der Zaan was apparently brother to Willem and Joris. He was father of Cornelis van der Zaan, who lived from 1640 until 1693. Carl Stapel had seen Huybrecht van der Zaan referenced by R.B. Prud'homme van Reine. He was said to have been killed on February 28, 1653, on the first day of the Three Days' Battle (Portland). That is also when I believe that his brother, Joris van der Zaan, was killed. I have not been able to find any published references to Huybrecht van der Zaan, so I would be interested if anyone knows more about him. Joris, Willem, and Cornelis are mentioned by Mollema, but not Huybrecht.

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