Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dutch Captain: Tijs Tijmenszoon Peereboom

Tijs Tijmenszoon Peereboom served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. He commanded the hired ship Peereboom (perhaps named after himself, and belonging to him). The Peereboom seens to have carried 24 guns and had a crew of 80 men. He served with the fleet in the summer of 1652 and sailed to the Shetlands with Tromp in July and August 1652. He joined Witte de With's fleet on 18 October 1652, as part of a group of 7 ships with Pieter Florissen. He fought in the Battle of Dungeness in December 1652. I seem to have been mistaken about Anthonis Fappenlain being lieutenant of the Peereboom. In fact, he was Hendrik Huyskens' lieutenant on the Westfriesland. The Peereboom was one of the ships that was listed by Witte de With as having run from the battle. Captain Peereboom received a sentence of four years imprisonment, while Antonis Fappenlain received three years. Sources:
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