Friday, November 11, 2005

The Dutch fleet organization at the Gabbard

I was rereading the section in Vol.V of The First Dutch War, where there is a discussion of the Dutch fleet organization at the time of the Battle of the Gabbard. I have written about this before, I believe, but it seems worth noting again. There were five squadrons, each with an admiral, vice-admiral, and rear-admiral (in Dutch, Schout-bij-Nacht). The guns are those that are known. They well may have actually carried more in the battle:
1. Tromp's squadron 
   Admiral:       Maarten Tromp, in Brederode, 54 guns Flag captain Egbert Kortenaer
   Vice-Admiral:  Gideon de Wildt, in Vrede, 44 guns
   Rear-Admiral:  Abel Roelants, in Prinses Louise, 36 guns

2. Jan Evertsen's squadron
   Admiral:       Jan Evertsen, in Vlissingen, 40 guns Flag captain Jan Pouwelszoon
   Vice-Admiral:  Cornelis Evertsen de Oude, Wapen van Zeeland, 30 guns
   Rear-Admiral:  Adriaan Kempen, in Amsterdam, 30 guns

3. Witte de With's squadron
   Admiral:    Witte de With, in Vrijheid, 44 guns Flag captain Abraham van der Hulst
   Vice-Admiral:  Jan de Lapper, in Fazant, 32 guns
   Rear-Admiral:  Jacob Cleydyck, in Prins te Paard, 38 guns

4. De Ruyter's squadron
   Admiral:       Michiel De Ruyter, in Witte Lam, 40 guns flag captain Jan Thyssen
   Vice-Admiral:  Adriaan Janszoon den Oven, in Neptunis, 28 guns
   Rear-Admiral:  Markus Hartman, in Gekroonde Liefde, 36 guns

5. Pieter Florissen's squadron
   Admiral:       Pieter Florissen, in Monnikendam, 38 guns
   Vice-Admiral:  Gillis Thyssen Campen, in Groningen, 42 guns
   Rear-Admiral:  Claes Bastiaanszoon Jaersvelt, in David en Goliad, 34 guns

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