Monday, November 28, 2005

Dutch Captain: Sijmon Corneliszoon van der Meer

Sijmon (Simon) Corneliszoon van der Meer (often just called Simon Corneliszoon) served the Rotterdam Directors. In June 1652, he commanded the ship Prins, sailing with a small group of ships in the Channel with Jan Evertsen. They were attacked by English frigates and the Prins was sunk by gunfire. This is the ship mentioned in several lists as being sunk by gunfire. He fought in the Battle of Dungeness and the Battle of Portland in the ship Meerman (28 guns). According to Jodocus Hondius, the ship carried 4 brass and 24 iron guns. He joined the fleet on 10 May 1653 after having convoyed 13 merchant ships from the Meuse. Dr. Ballhausen say that he fought in the Battle of the Gabbard in June, still in the Meerman, although that may or may not be the case. He definitely fought in the Battle of Scheveningen, as on 13 August 1653, his ship, the Sint Pieter, was mastless and lying at Goeree with the Burg (Hendrik Adriaanszoon Glas) and the Liefde (Jan Tissen) . Sources:
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