Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I lost some incoming email for KentishKnock.com

I dislike pop3 mail, but it seems a necessary evil. The reasons that I don't like it are that I can only access it from Outlook on the machine where it is downloaded from the mail server, and if anything goes wrong with the machine, the spam filter, the mail is lost forever. I lost such a mail today (two copies, apparently), as my machine, running Windows XP Home Edition, spontaneously rebooted. I only knew that I had such a mail from the K9 Spam Filter, as no copy ever made its way to Outlook, due to the reboot. When I processed the mails in the spam filter, not realizing that it was not in Outlook, I lost the mail forever. During the reboot, the spam filter failed, and marked all the spam as good. It was when I was reviewing them that I realized that a mail with the subject "off topic" was good. If by the off chance that the writer who sent the mail could resend, I hope to see it and read what you wrote.

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