Monday, November 21, 2005

I received copies from the Marineblad

I was very grateful to receive photocopies from the Marineblad from 1895. This was thank to the Marineblad Secretary, Mw drs. Lijmbach, and the Koninklijke Vereniging van Marineofficieren in Den Haag. The article is entitled "Strategische Denkbeelden in den Eersten Engelschen Oorlog", by luitenant-ter-zee 1st Class J. J. L. Willinge. One interesting table from the article is as follows:
On 28 May 1652

Channel              20 ships  (Jan Evertsen)
Northern squadron    10 ships  (Witte de With)
Retour fleet and 
  Greenland traders  20 ships
Herring fleet        25 ships  (van Dongen)
Main fleet           42 ships  (Tromp)

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