Monday, November 28, 2005

Herman Munnekes (or Munnick)

We knew that there was a Dutch captain at the Battle of Dungeness who we had not previously seen, or at least, had not recognized him. C.T. Atkinson had erroneously read his handwritten name from Jan Evertsen's journal as Hermes Munnick. That was wrong, of course. I have a copy of Jan Evertsen's journal, and the name is clearly Herman Munnick or Munnich. He was listed with Pieter Florissen's squadron, which included captains from the Noorderkwartier. I had not understood, until recently, that the ship named Wapen van Holland (30 guns), taken on 22 July 1652 by the English was a ship hired by the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. I just looked at page 314 in Vol.IV of The First Dutch War. The entry at the top of the page continues from the previous page. All the ships in that list and the succeeding list were either States' ships form the Noorderkwartier or were hired by them. There is an note about Captain Munnekes commanding the hired ship Wapen van Holland. My estimate is pretty certain that Herman Munnekes (or Munnick) was captain of the Wapen van Holland when the ship was taken by the English on 22 July. This was the ship that served in the English navy through the rest of the war as the Arms of Holland, so the ship must have been judged to have been a suitable warship.

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