Thursday, December 23, 2004

My copy of "Twee Eeuwen Varen en Vechten 1550-1750" arrived today

Nico Brinck had recommended two books to me about 17th Century Dutch naval history. This is the second of the ones he told me to buy, and is written by Doeke Roos: Twee Eeuwen Varen en Vechten 1550-1750. The book is about the Evertsen family, and the famous admirals. I would translate the title as something like: "Two Centuries of Sailing and Fighting" (or Sail and Fight). I purchased my book from "JOOT" (Just out of Time). The cost was 35 Euros plus almost as much for shipping it fast. The book was published in Vlissingen in 2003. An interesting piece of information is that Doeke Roos was born in 1932.

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