Friday, December 17, 2004

English Captain: Robert Batten

Robert Batten seems only to have been employed as a captain at the Battle of Dungeness, where he was killed. He commanded the Garland (44 guns). At the beginning of the Battle of Dungeness, Tromp tried to bring the Brederode (54 guns) alongside Blake's Triumph. Robert Batten, closely supporting Blake, brought his ship, the Garland, between Blake and Tromp. When a second English ship arrived, the Anthony Bonaventure (36 guns) commanded by Walter Hoxton, Tromp's situation became desperate. Tromp was saved by the arrival of Jan Evertsen, in the Hollandia (38 guns). He helped Tromp defeat the weaker Anthony Bonaventure, killing Walter Hoxton. They then dealt with Robert Batten and the Garland. Apparently, the English blew up a deck on the Garland, as the fighting became increasingly intense. The Garland surrendered, after Robert Batten was killed. The Brederode was a wreck, while the Garland was also heavily damaged, and had rudder damage. She was sailed back to the Netherlands, and fought for Rotterdam later in 1653. She was renamed Rozenkrans. She was lost at the Battle of Scheveningen, where she was recaptured and then burnt. Sources:
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