Sunday, December 26, 2004

English Captain: Jonas Reeves

Jonas Reeves served both the Parliamentarian and Commonwealth navies. In 1647, he commanded the 4th Rate Fellowship. He was in the Summer Guard for 1647. By the Winter of 1647, he was at Deptford, as the 4th Elizabeth was building. From 1648 until 1653, he commanded the Elizabeth (36 guns). In 1651, he took part in the fight to defeat the Royalists on the island of Jersey. He spent the First Anglo-Dutch War in the Mediterranean Sea. He took part in the Battle of Monte Cristo on 28 August 1652, under the command of Richard Badiley. He also fought the Battle of Livorno, on 4 March 1653. He was in Richard Badiley's division, which was only lightly engaged. After the battle, they withdrew from the Mediterranean Sea. I have not been able to determine the date or manner of his death, except that he died in 1653. Sources:
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