Wednesday, December 22, 2004

English Captain: William Goodson

William Goodson served the Commonwealth navy, eventually as a flag officer. From 1650-1651, he commanded the hired merchantman, Hopeful Luke (34 guns). In 1653, he commanded the Entrance (44 guns) at the Battle of Portland. Then he was Rear-Admiral of the Blue, with his flag on the Rainbow (58 guns) at the Battle of the Gabbard and presumably at the Battle of Scheveningen. Later in 1653, he commanded the 2nd Rate Unicorn. Certainly, on 3 September he was in command. In December, he was in "Ellence Roads" with the Winter Guard. In November, George Monck's intention was to move William Goodson to the 2nd Rate George, but that doesn't seem to have happened. From 1654 to 1655, he was Vice-Admiral, West Indies, with his flag on the 2nd Rate Paragon. Michael Baumber says that William Goodson and his sea regiment saved General Venables from a rout at Santo Domingo. From 1655 to 1656, he was Admiral, West Indies, with his flag on the Torrington. From 1656 to 1657, he was again Admiral, West Indies, this time with his flag on the Marston Moor. Later in 1657, he transferred his flag to the Dutch prize Mathias. In 1658, he commanded the 3rd Rate Speaker. From 1658 to 1659, he was a Vice-Admiral, with his flag on the 2nd Rate Swiftsure. Sources:
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