Monday, December 13, 2004

English Captain: Benjamin Blake

Benjamin Blake was the admiral's younger brother. He commanded the Paradox (14 guns) in 1649. From 1650 to 1652, he commanded the Assurance. He was in Nehemiah Bourne's squadron in the opening battle of the First Anglo-Dutch War. He fought at the Battle of the Kentish Knock as captain of the Triumph (62 guns). His older brother, Robert, thought that Benjamin had not fought hard enough at Dungeness, so he removed him from command. He must have been Robert's flag captain at Dungeness. He was later restored to command, and from 1654 to 1656, he commanded the Gloucester, including on the expedition to the West Indies. In 1657, he commanded the new 2nd Rate Dunbar. Benjamin Blake inherited the family estate in Bridgwater after his brother's death. Sources:
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