Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dutch Captain: Simon van Panhuis (or Panhuys)

Simon van Panhuis served the Admiralty of Rotterdam (the Maas). He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. In 1665, he started as an army captain over marines. In 1666 and 1667, he fought in the battles of the Second Anglo-Dutch War. In 1672, he was captain of marines on Van Ghent's ship, the Dolphijnj (82 guns). When Van Ghent was slain, he restored the admiral's flag, even though he was severely wounded. The following winter he fought ashore. In 1673, he commanded the Zeelandia (42 guns) at the Schooneveld battles and at the Battle of the Texel. In 1674, he served under Cornelis Tromp on the French coast. This is mostly based on my translation of the entry from Mollema's "Honor Roll", supplemented by my unpublished manuscript "Dutch Ships 1620-1700".

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