Saturday, December 25, 2004

Dutch guns

I just received a note from Nico Brinck. They were able to recover four guns from a wreck off Rotterdam that they believed to be the Tobias (28 guns), whose captain's name was Taneman or Taenman. He said that the ship had been lost in the Battle of Terheide in 1653. The guns that they recovered were a bronze 18pdr that weighed 3,480 Amsterdam pounds, a bronze 6pdr that weighted 1,875 lbs, and two cast iron Swedish guns from the Finspong foundry. The guns were a 12pdr and a 6pdr. The weights are unreadable, but he says that comparable guns were 3,200 lbs and 1,800 lbs. There is a bronze 24pdr drake on his web page that he says is from the Admiralty of Zeeland. The weight is unreadable. From what I know, Cornelis Taenman fought in the rearguard at Terheide (Scheveningen) and his ship was sunk and he was killed. We think that his ship was named Prins Maurits (which carried anywhere from 28 to 32 guns). He did serve the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier (and Westfriesland).

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