Wednesday, December 01, 2004

English Captain: John Lambert

Before the Civil War, John Lambert was a captain in King Charles' navy. He commanded the Nicodemus from 1640 to 1641. From 1643 until 1649, he commanded the Lily (10 guns and a crew of 35 men). During the summer of 1643, he was assigned to the Irish Guard. During 1644, he was in the Summer Guard. At that time, the Lily was said to be of 80 tons, have 8 guns, and a crew of 45 men. The Lily was also in the Winter Guard in 1644. During the summer of 1645, he was with the Guernsey squadron, along with the Dove and the Welcome pink. Again, he continued with the Winter Guard for 1645. During the summer of 1646, he was still at Guernsey. He seems to have been inactive during the winter of 1646. In the Summer Guard for 1647, John Lambert and the Lily were back at Guernsey. He was again inactive during the winter of 1647. He was back at sea in the Summer Guard for 1648. In 1650, he commanded the Dutch prize Satisfaction. In 1651, he commaned the 4th Rate Ruby. From 1652 to 1653, he commanded the 4th Rate Convertine (a Portuguese prize). From 1653 until 1657, he commanded the Lion. He seems to have relieved Charles Saltonstall. He fought at the Battles of Portland, the Gabbard, and Scheveningen. He also commanded the rebuilt Lion from 1658 until 1659. He seems not to have served after the Restoration.

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