Monday, July 12, 2004

Notes about small bits of information from December 1652

One thing that was of interest to me was about the hired ship Anthony Bonaventure, which was captured by the Dutch at the Battle of Dungeness. The captain had been Wlater Hoxton, who was killed in the battle. His ship carried 36 guns and had a crew of 110 men. I had never seen the crew listed before. That is on page 56 of Vol.IV of Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen.

The Garland, also captured, carried 44 guns and had a crew of 200 men. Her captain had been Charles Batten.

The hired ship Hercules (34 guns) was run ashore, so that the crew could escape. The pursuing ship was the Vlissingen Directors ship Haes. Her captain was to become famous at the Battle of Lowesoft: Bastiaan Centsen (Centen, or Senten).

The Dutch lost the Rotterdam ship Gelderland, which caught fire in the night, and blew up, killing the captain and part of the crew.

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