Saturday, July 31, 2004

The English ship Convertine (44 guns)

I had long assumed that the Convertine taken by the Dutch at the Four Days Battle was the original Jacobean Middling ship. Frank Fox had informed me that I was mistaken. The original Convertine had been built as the Destiny, and had been renamed Convertine, in the Navy. I had not thought that the original Convertine's dimensions were known, but R.C. Anderson lists the following dimensions: 96ft x 32ft-2in, with an unknown depth. Anderson omitted depths, which is unfortunate. The Convertine went with the Royalists, in 1648, and was eventually sold in Lisbon in 1650. The new Convertine was Portuguese prize taken in 1650. Her dimensions were considerably different, so this only reinforces the notion that she was a different ship: 103ft x 30ft x 13ft-6in, with a burden of 494 tons. The original ship had a burden that I would calculate as 528 tons. Anderson lists two tonnages that are computed considering the depth. Brian Lavery gives the same dimensions for the Entrance, built in 1619. He did not list the Convertine, for some reason. He also omitted the Swallow, a Carolian "middling ship".

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