Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dirck Quirijn Verveen (as Mollema spells his name)

J.C. Mollema wrote about Dirck Verveen in the "Honor Roll". This is my translation of what is there.

We don't know when he was born, but he died on 2 December 1658. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam, became a lieutenant in 1636 and captain in 1639. In 1636, he served under Forant before Dunkirk as a lieutenant. In 1639, he was a fireship captain at the Battle of the Downs. In 1646, he served in the blockade service before Dunkirk. In 1647, he commanded the Haarlem (40 guns) under De With in the relief force sent to Brazil, and fought at Bahia. In 1651 to 1653, he commanded the Haarlem under Joris van Catz en Johan van Galen. He fought at the Battles of Monte Cristo (Elba) and Livorno. In 1654, he was a temporary Schout-bij-Nacht under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1656, he commanded the Gouda (46 guns) under Van Wassenaer in the Sound and before Danzig. In 1657, he served under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea and off the Portuguese coast. In 1658, he commanded the Zon (Son) under Van Wassenaer in the Battle of the Sound, where he was wounded. He died of his wound following the battle.

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