Thursday, July 01, 2004

The definitive word on English hired merchantmen in the Second Anglo-Dutch War

Thanks to Frank Fox, we have some substantial information about English hired ships. He published two articles in the Mariner's Mirror Vol.84, numbers 1 and 2. His series is called "Hired Men-of-War, 1664-7". I am fortunate enough to have a reprint of Part II that Frank presented to me, 3-1/2 years ago. An added bonus is that Part II gives the dimensions for several ships that had served in the First Anglo-Dutch War. For example, the Exchange (built 1650) was 74ft-9in (LK) x 28ft-11in, with a burden of 332 tons. There were 18 maindeck gun ports. Another ship, the King Ferdinando (built 1650) had the dimensions 81ft-0in (LK) x 30ft-6in, with a burden of 401 tons. The ship data, with dimensions, is all on page 153. Frank also has some armament information listed, as well. Much of this is from records about gun painting, as I had understood Frank to say.

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