Sunday, July 25, 2004

New information

In the last three or four days, I have learned some new things about the Dutch in the First Anglo-Dutch War. From Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet, we know that Reynst Corneliszoon Sevenhuysen's ship, the Roode Leeuw, carried 24 guns and had a crew of 85 men. The Roode Leeuw was paid off in late June, 1652, after the  Battle of the Gabbard. He and his crew moved to the VOC ship, the Mars.   Another point:  I had previously confused to captains named Block. One was the captain of the Zeeland ship, the Wapen van Zeeland (32 guns), which served in the Mediterranean Sea during the First Anglo-Dutch War. The second was captain of the Amsterdam Directors ship the Hollandsche Tuin (28 guns) in 1653. The Zeeland captain was actually Joost Willemszoon Block. The Amsterdam Directors captain was Joris Janszoon Block. I was able to find this in Dr. Elias' book, Schetsen uit the Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen.

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