Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Rotterdam component of the First Anglo-Dutch War building program

On page 157 of De Vlootbouw in Nederland, Dr. Elias has the numbers of ships and lengths for the First Anglo-Dutch War building program. This is usually describe as two 30-ship programs, but Dr. Elias divides it into four segments. I have listed the Rotterdam ships to be built:
  I     1-131-1/2ft ship
 II     none
III     1-150ft ship, 2-134ft ships, and 2-130ft ships
 IV     1-150ft ship and 4-130ft ships

We know most of the ship names:
  I   131 or 132ft ship: ?
III   150ft ship:  the Eendracht (58 guns)
      134ft ship:  the Prins Maurits (44 guns)
      134ft ship:  the Prins Willem (44 guns)
      130ft ship:  the Prins Hendrick (44 guns)
      130ft ship:  the Utrecht (44 guns)

IV    150ft ship:  the Groot Hollandia (60 guns)

I have no candidates for the 131 or 132ft ship. Dr. Elias has a chart titled "Lijst der Oorlogsschepen in Emplooi en aan den wal op 15 Juli 1655. This list was apparently in the Nationaal Archief, Secrete Loketkas, No. 993 (probably an obsolete number) and in another list of all ships oof 100ft and more.

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