Thursday, February 01, 2007

31 May 1653 in Witte de With's journal

I was rather surprised that the ship Milde Maarten was commanded by Claes Jansz Sanger on 31 May 1653. I knew that Johan Evertsen was on board the Milde Maarten around this date, but I had thought that perhaps Jan Matthijsz was captain, as he was later in the year. Page 128 of Witte de With's journal (document E8812)lists these two ships: the Milde Maarten with 26 guns and a crew of 110 men and the Leeuwinne, with 30 guns and a crew of 120 men. This was the ship that had been commanded by Johannes van Regermorter, who was killed on 28 February 1653, in the Three Days Battle. In the rest of the 31 May journal entry, on the next page (which I had not printed before tonight), the Brederode, flagship of Lt-Admiral Tromp, is listed as having 56 guns and a crew of 268 men. With that is Jacob Cleijdijck's ship Prins, with 38 guns and a crew of 168 men.

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