Monday, February 12, 2007

Ron van Maanen's entry for Pieter Gorcum's ship Sandenburgh

I have a page that has good data for Pieter Gorcum's ship that I have seen called the Sandenburgh. The page that I have calls his ship a "Galias", as in the "Galias Sanderburgh". Ron van Maanen's entry for that ship calls it the "Zandberg". The "Zandberg" was said to have been in service from 1653 to 1654 and was captured by the English. The length is stated to be 100ft, which I know to be accurate. The "Zandberg" is described as being part of the "fishery patrol". In 1653, the "Zandberg" was 9 years old (so the ship would have been built in 1644). In a list that I have dated 28 November 1652, the Sanderburgh is described as one of the convoyers funded for service at the peace in 1648. Zeeland had eight ships that had been funded for service as convoyers, at least one of which were no longer in service by 28 November 1652 (the Hasewint, 28 guns).

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