Saturday, July 01, 2006

A question seemingly answered

Apparently a book by Arnoldus Montanus, from 1656, has the name of the commander of the Middelburg Directors' ship Bonaventura. This was the former English hired ship Anthony Bonaventure, taken at the Battle of Dungeness. Montanus lists one of the captains of a ship that was lost at the Battle of Scheveningen (or Terheide) as A. Vertien. This is the only name that is not otherwise accounted for by the known ships lost in the battle. That would give us the name of the Bonaventura's captain. We had no information about the Bonaventura's captain, and maybe this is his name. The book is called De Beroerde Oceaan, of twee-jaarige Zee-daden der Vereenigde Nederlanders en Engelsche; Aangehecht Met Deser Opkomst En Voortgang, zeedert twee duisend Jaar ge-eindigt met de dood van Tromp.

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