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Amsterdam War Losses up to mid-March 1653

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In my researches for filling in the details of De Jonge's list for March 1653, I have my version of the war losses for the Admiralty of Amsterdam for up to mid-March 1653. As a point of interest, De Jonge seems to have omitted mention of several ships from the Fishery Protection Squadron lost on 22 July 1652 that seemed to be from Amsterdam. This is my list:
Losses to date:

Rank      Name                       Adm/Dir  guns Sailors Soldiers Ship                Sources
kapitein  Johan van Galen            A        44   150?    20       Jaarsveld           1DW4, jonge1
kapitein  Barent Pietersz Dorrevelt  A        30   100?    20       Amsterdam           schet2, jonge1

kapitein  Isaac Sweers               A        36   130     20       Engel Gabriel       1DW4, jonge1

kapitein  Jeroen Adelaar             A        30   100?    20       Middelburg          1DW4, jonge1
kapitein  Claes Sael                 A        30   100?    20       Maria               1DW4, jonge1
kapitein  Dirk Bogaart               A        24    80     20       Juffrouw Catharina  1DW4, schet2, jonge1
kapitein  Hendrik Kroeger            A        24    80     20       Marcus Curtius      1DW4, jonge1
This is the complete set of all sources, including those used here:


1DW1 = The First Dutch War, Vol.I
1DW2 = The First Dutch War, Vol.II
1DW3 = The First Dutch War, Vol.III
1DW4 = The First Dutch War, Vol.IV
1DW5 = The First Dutch War, Vol.V
1DW6 = The First Dutch War, Vol.VI
ball    = Dr. Ballhausen’s book
rdhb  = Rotterdamsche Historiebladen
schet2 = Schetsen uit de Geschiedens van ons Zeewezen, Vol.II
schet3 = Schetsen uit de Geschiedens van ons Zeewezen, Vol.III
schet4 = Schetsen uit de Geschiedens van ons Zeewezen, Vol.IV
schet5 = Schetsen uit de Geschiedens van ons Zeewezen, Vol.V
schet6 = Schetsen uit de Geschiedens van ons Zeewezen, Vol.VI
vloot = De Vlootbouw in Nederland
vreug = A. Vreugdenhil, Ships of the United Netherlands 1648-1702
glete = Jan Glete’s notes on Directors’ ships 
dir    = Director’s ship documents from the Nationaal Archief from 1652 and 1653
     1-undated but from March 1652 or later with a table
     2-12 March 1652
     3-27 March 1652
     4-30 March 1652
     5-8 November 1652
     6-10 January 1653
     7-27 January 1653
     8-28 January 1653
     9-30 January 1653
     10-8 February 1653
     11-18 March 1653
     12-undated but from early 1653
     13-4 April 1653

ont = Onstelde-Zee
raedt = Pamphlet of Hendrik de Raedt (about the voyage to the Shetlands)
26Feb52 = Admiralty of Rotterdam, 26 February 1652
zdir = Zeeland Directors ships pages from the Zeeuws Archief
fleet1 = list of the fleet 15/24 July 1652 from the Nationaal Archief
fleet2 = list of the fleet 19/20 September 1652 from the Nationaal Archief
staet54 = Staet van Oorlog te Water for 1654
paintings = Michael Robinson, Van de Velde Paintings
cs = communication from Carl Stapel
salt = Francis Vere, Salt in their Blood: The Lives of the Famous Dutch Admirals, 1955.
jonge1 = J. C. De Jonge, Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen, Vol.I

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