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Jacob Huyrluyt and Nicolaes Marrevelt

On 22 May 1652 (new style), Anthony Young commanded a small squadron of ships patrolling off The Start: the President (36 guns), the Nightingale (24 guns), and the Recovery (24 guns). They saw an approaching group of ships being convoyed by several warships. They proved to be seven "Straatsvaarders", convoyed by two warships, the Zeelandia (34 guns) and the Campen (38 guns). The Zeelandia was commanded by Jacob Huyrluyt and the Campen was commanded by Joris van der Zaan. Jacob Huyrluyt's lieutenant was Nicolaes Marrevelt, who had a distinguished career in the First and Second Anglo-Dutch Wars. Anthony Young attempted to enforce the requirement for Dutch ships to salute English ships, when they were in home waters. Shots were exchanged, and ultimately, Anthony Young let the Dutch proceed, as he did not want to start a war, which everyone felt was imminent. In the event, the war was started a week later, near Dover, when Tromp sailed a fleet of 42 warships into the area, to escape a storm, and encountered two English squadrons commanded by Robert Blake.

The encounter off The Start is the last confirmed presence of Jacob Huyrluyt on the scene. As early as June, Nicolaes Marrevelt, as a luitenant-commandeur was listed as the commander of the Zeelandia, and was for the rest of the war. While a document reproduced in Vol.IV of The First Dutch War mentions Jacob Huyrluyt, he was apparently not present.

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