Wednesday, July 26, 2006

English Naval Officer: Sir John Munden

Sir John Munden served in the English navy in the late 17th and early 18th Centuries. He was appointed a Lieutenant on 30 November 1677. On 14 December 1688, he was promoted to Captain. He fought in the Battle of Beachy Head 30 June 1690. He commanded the Coronation (90 guns) in the Blue Squadron. On 19 May 1692, he fought in the Battle of Barfleur. He commanded the 3rd Rate Lennox (70 guns) in the Red Squadron. In about 1698 to 1699, he cruised in the Mediterranean Sea in charge of a small squadron to suppress piracy. His ship was the Winchester (60 guns). On 14 April 1701, he was appointed as Rear-Admiral of the Blue. Shortly after, on 1 July 1701, he was knighted. In September 1701, he commanded an Anglo-Dutch squadron that escorted Admiral Benbow past the Scillies, on his was to the Caribbean. On 28 January 1702, he was appointed as Rear-Admiral of the White. In 1702, Sir John Munden was sent with a small squadron to the coast of Galicia in Spain. On 18 May 1702, he chased a French squadron, but they proved to fast for the English ships and made port at Corunna. The operation was generally unproductive, and he was courtmartialed. He was acquitted, but was still dismissed from the service. He died on 13 March 1719. Sources:
  1. William Laird Clowes, The Royal Navy: A History from the Earliest Times to the Present, Vol.II, 1898
  2. David Syrett, R. L. DiNardo, The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy 1660-1815, 1994

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