Sunday, July 23, 2006

I wondered if Vreugdenhil might have been mistaken about number 8 in his list

The more I think about the issues involved, the more I wonder if the ship listed as number 8 in Vreugdenhil's list might actually be the hired ship that carried 28 guns. What we know is that Vreugdenhil says that ship number 8, the Engel Gabriel, was built in 1636. The hired ship with 28 guns, named Engel Gabriel, was also built in 1636. There is also number 108 in Vreugdenhil's list, which is also named Engel Gabriel, listed as being hired in 1652 and carrying 36 guns. The ship was lost in 1653. This is obviously intended to be Isaac Sweers' ship, which was sunk by gunfire on the first day of the Three Days' Battle (the Battle of Portland). The ship hired on 19 June 1652, in Amsterdam, was a smaller ship armed with 28 guns. Could this have been the ship commanded by Adriaan van den Bosch at the Battle of Scheveningen in August 1653? Vreugdenhil thought it was the ship, but thought it was a States' ship, a purpose-built warship.

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