Sunday, July 09, 2006

I suspect that Herman Munnekes commanded Gerrit Femssen's former ship at the Battle of Dungeness

Herman Munnekes (or Munnick) is difficult to track, particularly as C. T. Atkinson had blown the transcription of Jan Evertsen's journal in The First Dutch War. Vol.III. I am far enough along with my current project, which drive much of Dutch Ships in Various Operations in the First Anglo-Dutch War, to see that the Wapen van Enkhuizen is the only available ship that Herman Munnekes could have commanded at Dungeness. There had apparently been disatisfaction with Gerrit Femssen after the Battle of the Kentish Knock, and we do not see him mentioned in the most obvious published literature after October 1652. He was assigned to Pieter Florissen (Florisz) Blom's squadron at the time. Herman Munnekes had commanded the Wapen van Holland (30 guns) in the Fishery Protection Squadron. The ship was taken on 22 July 1652, and was such as good ship, that she saw service in the English navy until 1656 as the Arms of Holland, until she was accidentally blown up in 1656.

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