Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Gelderland was a ship built for the Admiralty of Amsterdam in 1639. Her dimensions were 116ft x 27.25ft x 10.33ft. She carried a nominal armament of 28 guns and had a crew of 100 men. This is a summary of her service in the First Anglo-Dutch War:
Adm Ship      Guns Crew Date  St  Note   Commander          Ship Fate  Captain  Note
A   Gelderland 28  100  1652  h   8/1652 Cornelis van Velsen                    at the Wielingen rendezvous
                                  8/1652 Cornelis van Velsen                    De Ruyter's fleet
                                  8/1652 Cornelis van Velsen                    Battle of Plymouth
                                 12/1652 Cornelis van Velsen                    convoy towards Nantes
                                  3/1653 Cornelis van Velsen                    The Three Days Battle
                                  3/1653 Cornelis van Velsen                    Sailed from Amsterdam
                                  4/1653 Cornelis van Velsen                    Lying in the Texel roads
                                  6/1653 Cornelis van Velsen  blown up  killed  Battle of the Gabbard

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