Friday, May 07, 2004

Some Dutch ship names from the Battle of Portland

There is this book by Jodocus Hondius, Onstelde-Zee, Oft Zee-Daden, published in Amsterdam in 1654. The book has many mistakes of fact, but it still is quite "interesting", since it is one of the few contemporary accounts of the First Ango-Dutch War. On page 82, two ships are mentioned: 1) Meerman, with 4 brass and 24 iron guns , and 2) Leeuwen, 4 brass and 28 iron guns. We might have some reason to doubt the numbers, because immediately before this, he mentions the Prins Willem, and says she has 4 brass and 30 iron guns. I would guess that this was the Admiralty of Amsterdam ship, that we usually list as having 28 guns. On page 83, Hondius mentions that ship, the Poort van Trojen. I wonder if this is a new ship name, or simply another name for the Amsterdam Director's ship, the Arche Troijane (28 guns). I suspect it is a new ship name, although my reading of this book is so poor, I have trouble telling the context in which it is mentioned. I think that Arche Troijane (captain Abraham van Campen) was sunk on the first day, so this must be a new ship. Hondius also mentions the Burgh (or Burcht), which I believe to be a Rotterdam Director's ship.

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