Sunday, May 09, 2004

Converting between Dutch and English ship dimensions

I can see at least two different Dutch ship types. Larger ships, especially from prior to 1665, have more rake, similar to English ships. Small frigates seem to have more of a "vertical stem". That is, there is much less rake. This difference in rakes can be seen when looking at the relationship between English length on keel and the Dutch length from stem-to-sternpost. For ships, like the Huis te Zwieten, the ratio between the Dutch and English lengths is about 1.33 (146/110). For the Delft frigate, the ratio is only 1.18 ((111-3/ 11)/94). Many of the large, captured VOC ships have the larger ratio. For the few cases where there was a small ship with greater rake, the burden was radically lower (such as the St. Paulus). That was why the English eventually used the LGD (length on the gundeck) and used a normalized keel length, instead of a real keel length. An earlier move along these lines had been to use the normalized depth (Beam/2) rather than the measured depth, for burden calculations.

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