Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The jacht Heemskerck

As I have been looking at jachts, it is worth looking at a good example of a moderate-sized, three-masted jacht, the Heemskerck. This was the ship in which Abel Tasman did his exploration. He was accompanied by a fluit, the Zeehaan.

The Heemskerck was built in 1638, with dimensions: 106ft x 24ft x 9ft (Amsterdam feet). Without being able to consult Ab Hoving's book, I would guess the armament to have been 14-18 guns.

Artitec, the fine model makers have a picture of their Heemskerck model:

Jacht Heemskerck, Abel Tasman's ship

Their VOC site can be found at VOC.Artitec.nl: 400 Jaar VOC 1602-2002

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