Sunday, May 16, 2004

Captain Lambert Pieterszoon

In early 1652, Lambert Pieterszoon commanded the Amsterdam Director's ship, the Nassouw van den Burgh. I have seen his ship called the Hector, although not in the documents that I have from the Nationaal Archief, in the Hague. The first dated document that I have seen showed her in service on 12 March 1652.

The Nassouw was a substantial ship with dimensions 130ft x 32ft x 12ft with a height between the main deck and the upper deck of 7ft. Her armament was quite mixed, being 4-24pdr, 14-12pdr, 10-8pdr, 4-6pdr, and 2-3pdr.

We know that Lambert Pieterszoon joined Witte de With's fleet on 29 September 1652, as part of a group of seven ships. On 10 October, it was reported to Witte de With that Captain Pieterszoon had sailed to the Texel, without orders. Later, on 2 December 1652, he was in Maarten Tromp's squadron, prior to the Battle of Dungeness. Interestingly enough, there is a mention that Lambert Pieterszoon's ship was in company with Jan Evertsen, in a group of 8 ships that had been scattered by a storm. My question is what happened to Lambert Pieterszoon? Was he killed at Dungeness, or what happened to him? We find no further mention of him, after that last date.

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