Saturday, May 15, 2004

A more in depth look at the Sint Jeronimus

This ship was mentioned in Jan Glete's notes, although I do not have a copy of the document from the archives. This analysis is based on what seemed like the most likely identification. I had really hoped to find the original of this and several other documents, so that I could read for myself what was there. Sadly, Rick van Velden, at the Nationaal Archief, did not find pages.


St. Jeronimus

Length                   Beam                      Depth in Hold              [Directors]

116 feet                  28 feet                    11 feet


This was a Medemblik Directors' ship commanded by Jan Pieterszoon Renaren [1DW1, p.263]. As this was the only Medemblik Director's ship, at the beginning of the war, the St. Jeronimus seems to have been Captain Renaren's ship.  In mid-1652, the ship carried 30 guns and had a crew of 110 men [1DW1, p.263].  Captain Renaren's ship joined Witte de With's fleet, prior to the Battle of the Kentish Knock [1DW2, p.351]. The ship was paid off in November 1652.  The ship's crew mutinied and would not go to sea, again, in a ship they said was in such disrepair [Schetsen IV, p.27].  Tromp had the ship towed into port to be paid off [1DW3, p.47]. 




[Directors]  Jan Glete's notes about a document that he describes in his book, Navies and Nations, in note 10 on page 355, in Volume I.  We don't have the actual inventory number, but this in an archive that he does list: 

Eerste Afdeling, Directies, Oorlogschepen, Algemeen Rijksarchief, The Hague.



[Schetsen]  Elias, Johan E., Schetsen uit de Geschiedenis van ons Zeewezen, 6-vols., Martinus Nijhoff,

                's-Gravenhage, 1916-1930.

[1DW1] Ed. Gardiner, Dr. S.R., First Dutch War, Vol.I, Navy Records Society, London, 1898.


[1DW2] Ed. Gardiner, Dr. S.R., First Dutch War, Vol.II, Navy Records Society, London, 1899.


[1DW3] Ed. Gardiner, Dr. S.R., and Atkinson, C.T., First Dutch War, Vol.III, Navy Records Society,

                London, 1905.



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